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Planned Backfire Comic Dub

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Batman and Harley Quinn are trapped in a room filled with toxic gas and the only way out is... a tad unorthodox. In order to escape with their lives, they must make sweet sweet love.

Today I bring a comic dub of epic proportions!

The original comic was done by BoxOfWant and when I first read it, I just knew I had to bring it to life through voice-over.

Then I found my Harley in the incredible DornVA who absolutely killed it with this performance.

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very very good

🤯 berry good

hmm? does newgrounds censor those names?if not i think you dishonestly censored the comic due to religious reasons altering the original work to fit your own beleifs?

edit: the person replied saying they gave permission while its not that big a deal im too used to people changing works to fit a narrative and often its without the opriginal creators permission not to mention the censoring of those particular names goes against freedom of speech and religion this is the only reaon i pointed it out to both preserve the works original state and stop blatent infingments on the 1st ammendment

Edit:Dorn i see you told me to go outside and reconnect with reality ....how is what im saying againt reality the ammendments state that there is freedom of speech and religion the njames that were ensored were by all definitions religios and fell under the 1st but now heres the edited comic that i can prove is edited thanks to having screen captures of this and the original work

the one that needs to touch grass is you

Final Edit:told to touch grass twice then blocked becaue i asked real questions fun welp heyo to everyone be sure not to point out the editted work according to them they got permission dont worry they say its not against the creators wishes i only want to presserve original works and stop unauthorized censorship they claim they have permission then so be it i wont worry about it further dont like that i was told to "touch grass" even though you know...this is a wide spread and reasonable fear done specifically by american companies against anything they get their mitts on taking ip then changing it to erase and fit their own opinions and veiwpoints destroying the original works as well as erasing its actual story

TheSinningScribe responds:

You're right. I did edit the original text to censor the names. However, the original creator gave their blessing on this change and their original comic is available completely uncensored. I in no way infringed on anybody's rights. Also, that isn't how the 1st amendment works in the least bit. Kindly find something better to do with your time than make insane criticisms about a porno comic dub

D0RN responds:

Pahahah, touch some grass.

BoxOfWant responds:

They asked for my permission before censoring that line (permission which i gave).
I am not religious myself, but i didn't care much, the original comic is still there untouched anyway. ^^
I just didn't think it was a big deal, given the circumstances, maybe if it was a more personal work, i'd have thought differently.
Either way, they were very polite in asking for permission first, so i appreciated that.

Even John Constantine knew where to draw the line when getting laid. I can understand the nightmare and dream of having Harley as your girl. She is a vicious sex machine. Talk about scarousal.

Goddamn that was magnificent!