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Neko Touch DX

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Author Comments

* Note the game doesn't work in Safari unless you enable 3rd party cookies. But for security reasons I'd recommend getting the downloadable version instead here: https://countmoxi.itch.io/neko-touch

(18+ only. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+. )

This game is a fan based parody. Countmoxi is not affiliated or associated with these legal entities on any terms.

*Note: The web build had some issues with the music when loading scenes, so I had to manually fade the music in and out for each scene. This doesn't happen in the desktop version though so you can download one of those instead if you want the sound to consistently play. The Linux and Mac builds are also untested so let me know if they have any major problems. You can find the downloadable versions here: https://countmoxi.itch.io/neko-touch

The DX update to Neko Touch is here!

This update features 2 new scenes (Oral and Butt job) along with improved sprites and a new gallery for easy scene access!

Each scene can be reached through the butt touching mini-game, so here's a small guide:

Anal scene: Click her butt until she asks for sex

Oral Scene: When she asks for sex, keep clicking her butt until you see the "Oral!" button pop up

Vaginal scene: Keep clicking her butt after the Oral button pops up and she'll tell you to take a seat

Butt Job scene: Don't click her butt at all and she'll get increasingly frustrated until she takes you into the scene

The gameplay itself is simple, just touch her butt!

I hope you enjoy the game! As always, you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon!

Countmoxi on SubscribeStar.adult

CountMoxi is creating NSFW pixel art animation and games | Patreon

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I'm usually not a fan of pixel art, but holy sweet Jesus this was done so well... and don't even get me started about the sound effects! Great stuff, keep it up!

love it! I really like the two new positions you made and I can see how you improved the sprites and I can definitely say you did a great job doing so. I would have never guessed to manually get the butt job option you have to wait and not touch her butt, if it weren't for you to say so in the author comments. I really like your pixel art style, you.....draw? really well? I'm not really sure how you make these but however you do it, you do it amazingly. =]


this art is way too good

I oh wow your animation so beautiful and smooth and oh so good