Fei Long vs Strawberry(?)

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Okay, somethings I'd like to clear up before you view this:
Fei Long is from Super Street Fighter II
StrawberryClock is the king to all clocks
I do not hate them, I just thought I would make this funny movie, and you don't know what the hell is going to happen in episode 2.
Before you press the play button make sure it's fully loaded!
I made this flash for my friends, and I am deciding to submit it here. Yay.

It will make people who hate, love, or who are clocks happy(hopefully).
Changed B to the color RED
Gun sound for GrapeClock's gun
Changed StrawberryClock's voice to his actual voice.


it was good

I watched the whole thing so it had to be kind of good. The story line was a bit slow to unfold though.

Great effort doesn't make a great movie.

Well... This movie is kinda hard to rate.
I can tell you put a lot of effort into this...but a lot of effort doesn't make a great movie.
The graphics were "okay". Street Fighter 2 graphics fit suprisingly well with the hand-drawn graphics in here. But if you're going to upload graphics, please don't save them in JPEG format! JPEG = Major crappage.
The music was good, and so was the audio. No complaints, except for Adon's theme. It...sounded...strange... o_-
The fight scenes were okay. They could've lasted a little longer, but they were okay as it is.
The humor was good. I laughed at a couple scenes, but overall nothing too special. I LOVED the Whirring joke, though! ^_^

Sorry to say..it sucked

wait more..get better at flash..i suggest drop the clock theme like i did,,,We'll never beat the void so why design clock movies...And spell GRAFFITI RIGHT

Ian-The-Archer responds:

Your review rating was translated as following:

me suck, i st00ped April 5, 2003
Reviewed by: TonyDaCock Overall rating: 4
wait..get better at stuff..me want u 2 stop the clock theme like i did,,, we never beat up the void so why makey clock movies...and speel GRAFFITI WRITE

Nice idea, but this drags on and on...

The idea and fighting animation is all good. But this story just goes on and on and on. Please make your point, be quick and keep the action going. This saves your audience from losing interest.

Ian-The-Archer responds:

Well, yeah, you got a point, but I tried to make it so I didn't have 1000 frame per episode so I have 5000 frame episodes atleast for this. I understand your point, but really, seriously, humor 3? I think that deserves more.

kicks as*

I rate this movie highest on the basis of sophitcated humor and inventiveness. I want MORE like this.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2003
10:00 AM EST
Comedy - Parody