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She shouldn't have gambled her trousers…

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Right now I’m learning how to code in Java Script. I want to make mini-games of my comic #EroticAnneMarie. A shameless erotic pirate comic.

My second jigsaw puzzle game with sound effects. 35 pieces and more complexity. It works well in computers. Enjoy it ;)


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I like where you're going, and this is an improvement over your first game in some ways (notably the increased complexity), however in some parts this is worse:

I lost a puzzle piece somewhere, as apparently someone else did too
The auto snap is far too strong, to the point of being annoying to deal with when dragging pieces across the board

It is also again far too easy, which is understandable since you are probable still in proof-of-concept phase

Also, an actual ending, however brief, would be neat

ReinaCanalla responds:

Many thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. Now I'm making a different game because I've learned a lot with this puzzle :)

Have to agree with acheinthenape, it's just a jigsaw with bad controls, and it's not even one that makes you think because it's all outlined.

Zero stars

Would really like the option to do puzzles like this without being able to see the outline of the final design.

As others have said the piece dragging was a tad jumpy

I litery lost a piece and had to restart it was probaly behind the puzle but dont know where

ReinaCanalla responds:

Thanks for your comment. I hope to improve it :)

It's really nice, but the dragging of the piece needs some more work.
Currently it leaps from position to position, which feels a bit wonky.

Other than that, really nice!

ReinaCanalla responds:

Thanks for your comment. I'll work on it :)