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Gastric Voyage : Regurgitated

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HOTFIX 3-12-21 :

  • An error when accessing the settings screen from the main menu has been fixed.
  • Some particle effects were playing incorrectly and have been fixed.

Gastric Voyage places you in the role of a white blood cell fighting to protect his body from bacteria, viruses and parasites. Battle through hordes of pathogens as you collect upgrades and defend your body!

Controls are viewable in the options menu.

Gastric Voyage : Regurgitated is an updated version of the previously-released Gastric Voyage. In addition to revamped visuals and music the update contains the following:

- Remixed first and last levels from the original game

- Two brand new levels in between those levels

- An additional cutscene

- Two new standard enemies

- Two miniboss enemies

- One new boss enemy

- Gamepad support

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This is really good. I love the graphics and music- and the odd Zelda reference is always welcome too!

leftshoe18 responds:

Thank you for playing!

Right now it seems like a lot of the edge of the game canvas is cut off. Make sure the game size that you set in the Unity editor and the size in the NewGrounds project page match up. Because right now I can't really figure out how to play after starting a new game since I can't see the whole screen, and the problem should be an easy thing to fix.

leftshoe18 responds:

Thank you for letting me know. I have changed the window size.

the game looks cool, but it's unfortunately broken, the problems i found are:
1: the game window is too small
2: everytime i try to go to the settings menu, it slaps me with an error, followed by the game freezing
3: maybe the first stage is broken because no enemy appears to be shot at
overall, the art is not bad and it definetely shows some potential
edit: after the fix, i found that the game is pretty fun, nice art, gameplay is pretty good, i like it

leftshoe18 responds:

Not sure why the settings menu is crashing everything. The settings menu works in game when pausing. I'll look into that. I've resized the screen.

Edit: I figured out what was causing the issue and am uploading a new build.

Edit again: The new build is uploaded and the settings screen no longer crashes. I would love it if you gave the game another try!