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This is the first ever original game I have fully finished and published!

All feedback is appreciated, and I hope you enjoy it!


I have taken some feedback and modified some of the gameplay and fixed some puzzles.

  • The clues for the piano puzzle are now correct
  • When looking at books you can now go to the previous screen instead of exiting the inspector entirely

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Nice game, not sure what the graffiti is for (or the panel in the front room, the one with numbers 1-4)

Zeewild responds:

Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

The graffiti was supposed to help people find the right books on the shelf. I’ll admit it is a bit unnecessary.

As for the panel, thats meant to help with the combo lock code. I’ve had multiple people test it that put the code in backwards, so I thought this might help with that.

It was good, but I honestly wish games like this were longer. I feel like long escape games with multiple ways out with different outcomes would be more challenging and more rewarding. And no I'm not talking about games that are part 1, 2, etc. I would love to see a large immersive game that really draws someone in. Other than that, good work.

i did it!!


Short and also very straightforward. The piano puzzle is certainly a tough one (or I'm just missing something lol). Good design to have every puzzle be solvable by picking up clues in the environment and having none of that pixel hunting crap. Overall, a 3/5. Pretty solid.

Zeewild responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

I had messed up the clues for the piano puzzle, but they are now fixed.

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2.96 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2021
2:22 PM EST
  • Unity