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609 - The Fandub

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Loved Brae's comic so much, I decided to fandub it ^^! (With his permission of course~!)

SO! We present to you, 609 the Fandub!

Olli, Ian, and ReadyOrKnot voiced by me!

Video editing by VioletLegacy

Title Card by my bro, Aquest

End Card art by my bro, Toonbat


Note - You'll notice Ian's accent might sound a little all over the place-- in my attempt to do a ""subtle Scottish"" accent, I ended up dipping into like 3 others XP!

BUT I at least made it my own, lol! I'll get 'im down better in time uwu~!

e621 didn't want us, since it wasn't "animated enough", so here we are..

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I've been a fan of this comic before it was a fandub, now i enjoy it even more. The voices fit the characters so well.

FristART responds:

D'aww, thanks man!

Well, there went what little heterosexuality I had left in me. Fuckin loved it. Voice acting was perfect, the laugh tracks in the background were a nice touch, and the storyline was captivating.

FristART responds:

Thanks man <3! Glad you liked it!!

And yeah, personally, I think Brae made nothing short of a legendary nsfw comic <3!

Loved this! Great voice acting, transitions and sound effects which brought it to life and really enhanced the experience of watching/reading this. Amazing work!

FristART responds:

Thanks man!!


FristART responds:


Very good voice acting and the animation that was done to the comic made it better than it would have been.