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Marie and the Rose Gardener - Dead or Alive

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Only two persons tend to the vast estate while the homeowner is away. Their two jobs are not supposed to overlap. Regardless, Marie the maid finds herself frequently tangled up with the handsome rose gardener. Their confluence sometimes ends only a few minutes prior to the homeowner’s return.

  • Secretary Karissa

Watch it here: https://vrporn.com/dead-or-alive-marie-and-the-rose-gardener/?a=92802

Animation by Spizder and sound by Laarel. Go watch our other public releases on Vrporn.com ( https://vrporn.com/studio/darkdreams/ ). And please support us on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/DarkDreamsVR )! You'll get access to exclusives, remasters, studio animations, polls, and a discord channel.

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The way she makes and breaks eye contact is super cute, such a great detail!

Oh shit! It Amazing!