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Krystal animation

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Krystal animation picked by our supporters in January, illustrated by yours truly and then rigged and animated by @LilWeirdoNeko <3

If you still would like to support our efforts somewhere else other than Patreon, there are also Gumroad packs where you can get additional files and edits for this here Krystal as well as plethora other goodies in high resolution: https://gumroad.com/littleweirdoneko#HfCNp

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This is based

Minus 2 stars for cow costume. Sorry I just don't think cows are hot.

I want to see furry x human

I wish I was getting Sucked Like that

Seems like you didn't bother to animate the mouth. So a big minus there. Don't really like furry, but I can appreciate and good enough animation. Even though I wouldn't call this technique as an animation. A puppet rig that can be done with After Effects etc.