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Spooksville, USA - The Sequel to Heck House

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Author Comments

...hello my li'l Chilliminauts!

The boys are invited to be guests of honor at a convention in the small town of Spoaksville, MA, just outside of Boston - but when they arrive, they find the town mysteriously empty! Stranded overnight in a ghost town, they will have to explore everywhere, collect random junk, use them to uncover the secret agenda of the town's missing denizens, and find a way to escape - possibly saving the world in the process!

SPOOKSVILLE, USA is the long-awaited sequel to HECK HOUSE - a Chilluminati Adventure! Featuring the three handsome hosts of the Chilluminati PodcastJesse Cox, Alex Faciane, and Mike "Mathas" Martin in a spook/silly (spoolly?) adventure game set in the (fictional) town of Spoaksville, Ma. 

Featuring upgrades from the original game:

  • Higher Resolution! We've doubled the screen size!
  • More colors! We've upgraded to a 32-color palette, instead of the 16 colors used in the original!
  • Better graphics! Sprites and environments are larger and more detailed.
  • New inventory system! Instead of just having the item(s) get used automatically from your inventory, you choose which item to use where!
  • Interface improvements! Better menus and controls!
  • A Save feature! Save anywhere!
  • Multiple endings!
  • Secrets! iu_250066_8665371.png



  • Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Check/Interact/Use Items (from Inventory): Z
  • Switch Characters: C
  • Pause/View Menu: P
  • View Inventory: I
  • Help/Show Exits: /
  • Volume Up, Down, Mute: (Numpad) +, -, 0




Both Heck House and Spooksville, USA are FREE to play and download - but tips/donations are greatly appreciated.iu_250068_8665371.png

Made in St Louis using  HaxeFlixel.

Want to download this game for Windows, Mac, or Linux for FREE? https://axolstudio.itch.io/spooksville-usa

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Who ya gonna call?

Really nice game. Hope for more of these

Interesting game, but after I reload game near boat and collected some objects, game gangs in open ocean.

its great but need help im stuck on this one part with a ;ot of stuff

I enjoyed the game but why can't I go through the blue door in the ally? When I press / there is a clear indication I can interact with it yet when I try to go it just does nothing.

AxolStudio responds:

The 'error' response for that door is missing :( You have to find the key - and it's not required to beat the game.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2021
10:26 AM EST
  • Photoshop
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Audacity
  • Tiled Map Editor