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alter Matricks

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Combo! 5 Points

Make a Combo of at least three consecutive melts.

Down the Rabbit Hole 5 Points

Clear a level from the Arcade game mode.

Super Combo! 5 Points

Make a Combo of at least four consecutive melts.

Super Melt! 5 Points

Melt 20 pieces in one combo.

Take the Red Pill 5 Points

Clear the first level of the Mission game mode.

Antivirus 10 Points

Clear 10th level from the Mission game mode.

Giga Combo! 10 Points

Make a Combo of at least seven consecutive melts.

Giga Melt! 10 Points

Melt 30 pieces in one combo.

Hexa Combo! 10 Points

Make a Combo of at least six consecutive melts.

Mega Combo! 10 Points

Make a Combo of at least five consecutive melts.

Octo Combo! 25 Points

Make a Combo of at least eight consecutive melts.

Tera Combo! 25 Points

Make a Combo of at least nine consecutive melts.

Ultra Melt! 25 Points

Melt 40 pieces in one combo.

Welcome to the Real World 25 Points

Clear 10th level in Arcade game mode.

The One 50 Points

Clear 20th level in the Mission game mode.

Ultra Combo! 50 Points

Make a Combo of at least ten consecutive melts.

The Matricks 100 Points

Clear 20th level in the Arcade game mode.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A falling block action puzzle game, inspired by the Matrix movie and dr. Mario by Nintendo.

Submission for Flash-forward game jam. Enjoy this mobile-friendly game!

Keyboard controls:

  • [A] or [Left arrow] - move the pill left.
  • [D] or [Right arrow] - move the pill right.
  • [S] or [Down arrow] - make the pill fall down faster.
  • [W] or [Up arrow] - rotate the pill in clockwise direction.
  • [SPACE] - rotate the pill counter-clockwise.
  • [ESC] - quit game.

The game runs with the Ruffle emulator. It can take some time to load.

If playing on mobile device, there is currently a slight problem - the Ruffle context menu is shown while holding the down key, which can interfere with the game play. The menu itself is useful, because it contains the Enter Fullscreen button - it's currently the only way to put the game into full-screen mode (going full-screen programmatically is not supported in Ruffle yet). The context menu is something that cannot be controlled by the game itself either - it can be removed by a game embed setting - perhaps Newgrounds can implement an option to disable the menu while uploading the game file.

As a walk around the Context menu problem, I suggest to not hold the key, but tap it rapidly in order to drop a pill.

Other known issues:

  • Score system is not yet implemented
  • Progress system is not yet implemented

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Dr. Mario

So like dr mario I like the idea and concept but also feel like there could be some added extras more added effects too I really like these types of games as they tend to take some time I thought you showed some good effort and the outcome seems to show off that time and energy put in so props to you there, nice job indeed There are some areas of improvment and it would really make this an all around game entry, feel like there could be some added extras more added effects


This game is so boring. It's like Dr. Mario except everything is sooo sloooow and there's not much variety.

Also, Space and S should be reversed. If W rotates clockwise, then S should rotate counter-clockwise. Space should make the piece speedup, and much faster than it does. Even when "speedup" it's still going way too slow.

Foumart responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the game does not add much to the dr.Mario concept currently. I had idea for the Mission game mode, where player would have to actually fight with the agents, but did not had time to implement it before the flash-forward game jam deadline. Another game mode was also planned where player had to solve a level with limited pills supply like in some sort of puzzle, but it was scrapped as well. I made some updates since the deadline, but after the game established an even lower rating than non-game submissions, I really lost my initiative to continue any further development. .
To address your feedback - for variety you can try the Arcade game mode - in some levels you play with 5 colors at once and it can be quite challenging.
Regarding the speed - If you think the "speedup" is slow, then the game must be lagging heavily on your end, I'm not sure why - maybe it's because of the Ruffle emulator (although I tried the game on phones and it ran well enough). Try to not have multiple instances of the emulator running at the same time in different browser tabs. Without lag the pill falls down for just a second. The fall down must not be instant like in Tetris, because often you have to insert a pill in some gap on the side and you should be able to do it easily. For reference the original movement of dr.Mario is grid based - the pill is falling in steps and not smoothly like I managed to achieve here.
About the controls - I got used to move the pill down with the down key, being either down arrow or S - we can agree these are the generally accepted keys for moving things down. And Space is the default counter-clockwise rotation, for two way rotation you can use W (cw) and E (ccw).

Just like playing Dr Mario all over but more funner.

Very addicting concept. Eventhough it might seem easy with only 2 colors, getting high combos took me a while to realize how to set them up. Really fun =)

medals dont work ...

Foumart responds:

Thanks for reporting this. I think I fixed the Medals - just successfully unlocked a few. Haven't tested all of them, so bragging rights can still be yours.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2021
4:52 PM EST