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Azeroth's Most Desirable Bachelor - World of Warcraft

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voHow long have you been locked in Sylvanas’ dungeon? Feels like forever. The Dark Lady’s infatuation with your penis was nice at first but grew tiresome after the third week. You can count your lucky stars that Jaina Proudmoore found you when she did, and extracted you to her secure tower. Doesn’t mean the mana extraction is over, though. Jaina wants to know why the Banshee Queen desired you so much.

  • Secretary Karissa

Watch it here: https://vrporn.com/world-of-warcraft-azeroths-most-desirable-bachelor/?a=92802

Animation by the Dark Dreams team, including Laarel on sound, and voiceacting by me, KarissaPresents. More public releases on Vrporn.com ( https://vrporn.com/studio/darkdreams/ ). And please support us on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/DarkDreamsVR ) for access to exclusives, remasters, studio animations, polls, and a discord channel.

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It is nice to see improvement, the different angles, pov, and cum scene, but i would be really working on the cum, that was wack

Great Work also its its nice to see Jaina in a animation with someone else then the stereotypical orc