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a game of revenge on the asshole's who rated your movie low, beat him up by clicking on him in different hit zones and kill him by hitting the buttons/wepons on the bottom. I hope you enjoy it.
If you have any sugestions for the movie such as new hit zones or wepons I will consider them, just give them to me in the review box.



Isnt the worst game but its okay i like the idea of these kind of games gennerally but you ruined it.

You know what would be ironic?

If this got blammed.

Reasons why:
Lack of things to do-
-More items
-More areas to smack'em up (though you have a decent number of facial beatings)
-Smoother movement.
-Rocky tends to get annoying after awhile.
-Maybe what Sockofgreatjustice added? His suggestions sound good too.

Pretty good, but relatively few options

It's okay for maybe 30 seconds, but after that you've seen everything. It would be very nice (although really hard to program) if thre were ten or more everyday items scattered around the room, along with some weapons. Then you could combine them for better effects (for example, you can shoot a guy with a shotgun, smash him over the head with a vase and stab him with the vase afterwards, or smash him over the head with a vase and stuff the glass shards into the shotgun for a more powerful projectile). You could also have a scale of creativity and brutality points (stabbing him is obvious and painless, but duct taping a microwave to his groin and making it explode is creative and brutal.) and congratulate players whenever they find a new use for something.


another one u culd use is.... the banana guy who sings its peanut butta jelly time!!
like he just comes down and kills him.... lol just a thought


Pretty good

Lol, pretty good, except for the fact that there's not that much to do. Graphics were pretty good, but it could have been a little better. Anyways, I have some suggestions for this to possibly make it better....

Arms maybe?
Groin [c'mon, kicking people in the Groin is always funny! :D]
Neck [Strangle him or something?]

1. A rope to strangle him or somethin'?
2. A clock [you could choose it from the background...you'd have to add it though. It'd be great to see someone get killed by a clock!]
3. The computer behind Sam [like the Clock....]
4. Grenade
5. Bat [he could hit his head off...lol]
6. A pencil? [Lmao....that'd be great to see, :D]
7. The guy himself? [Like, the big dude could grab his arm and make the little guy punch himself to death....and have him keep saying, "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"]
8. Shotgun
9. Like gamewiz45 said, a rabid kitten....that'd be halarious! :D
10. Cannon
11. Sword
12. Ninja Stars
13. Rocket Launcher [this is a long list, 'eh?]
14. Pool Stick
15. A Teddy Bear? Lol
16. Tazer
17. A guitar?
18. Chair
19. Lightning!!!!! Lol, :D
20. A iPhone! Lmao, have it come in and destroy EVERYTHING or something...:3
21. A walking Walkman....
22. Flamethrower?
23. Rabies! :D lol
24. A giant psycho, smoking, crack dealing bunny...:D
25. And, of course, a Chainsaw....:3

Hope you add some of these weapons...and zones, lol. Tune up the graphics a bit, and you'd get a perfect 10! Thanks! :D


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3.64 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2003
9:59 AM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place January 18, 2003