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Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]

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Baby Steps 5 Points

Buy your first of many upgrades.

Getting Buff 5 Points

Max out any upgrade type. Some have more levels than others.

Making it Rain 5 Points

Collect 2,000 money or more in any one level. Money multiplier helps.

Whodunnit? 5 Points

Check out and maybe even read the credits.

Blaster Master 10 Points

Get two attack power ups at the same time for massive damage.

Bouncer 10 Points

Reflect 30 bullets with one shield power up. Try not to touch the foes though.

Bushwhacker 10 Points

Kill 1,000 foes dead.

Going Big 25 Points

Get a Total High Score of 300,000 or more.

Totally Shredded 25 Points

Grind a bit and max out all upgrades.

Unperishable 25 Points

Beat any level after level 10 without taking damage.

Warmed Up 25 Points

Beat the first 10 levels.

Going Bigger 50 Points

Get a Total High Score of 1,000,000 or more. Can only be done on Hard Mode.

Hard Mode Complete 50 Points

Beat all 20 levels again on Hard Mode.

Prototype Complete 50 Points

Beat all 20 levels and finish the game.

Hardcore 100 Points

Get an A rank or better in every level on Hard Mode.

Softcore 100 Points

Get an A rank or better in every level.

Author Comments

iu_246928_877736.jpgHey guys, here's a new shoot-em-up game made in Ruffle for the Flash Forward Game Jam!

You've got a bunch of control schemes to choose from - I recommend the 3rd one, personally.

If you want to play on mobile, you'll need to have a stylus and pick the first option - but it's probably going to be quite laggy, so I strongly suggest playing on a PC with a mouse.

Oh, and you can press R to end a level instantly, and right-click to go into fullscreen mode!

Despite being a fairly quick project, there's quite a lot of content if you want to 100% it.

Sadly I had to re-use backgrounds and music from my other games, as there wasn't enough time to make new ones. :P

You can download an offline version of the game on Itch:


It should run a little bit smoother than this browser version.

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currently trying to s rank all levels, this game is ADDICTIVE. as someone who loves bullet hell games, this is especially fun.
the devastation i felt when i realized none of my upgrades carried over to hard mode? totally worth it. didn't expect it but it was a nice punishment for getting too cocky; definitely give it a try even if you don't like it

Pretty dang difficult, haven't even made it past the 1st level! Very well made game, and I hope this gets finished some time. Suggestion: Make an achievment for those willing to try and get and S Rank on every level, because I feel like getting an A is easier than getting an S, and there should be some achievement rewarding the player on accomplishing such a task.

Baby steps is the hardest achievement in the game, its so hard, i give up

for this type of game you have to think about a limited map of movement such a square and the area is too large, so I still had to block the crosshair and still aim and it must be intuitive, let's take a fragment of the map, cut it into parts and add as separate levels with the final boss on its entirety, you will gain a lot