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Tuggowar is a game of blitz attacks, humming card engines and mind-games. In this strategy game you build a new Deck of cards from scratch each match. The set of cards you choose from is randomized, so every match is unique. To win, you'll need to improvise at every turn.

Soon you will discover amazing new combo's and other.. wait, no, let me just buy another Tank..

Tuggowar is improved almost daily!

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The game is great but disrupt does not work on the ai for some reason and it also feels like the ai can just buy anything they want, despite how little energy they have.

TensionGames responds:


Disrupt works the same on AI as it does on yourself, I checked! :)
If you want to clarify, feel free to message.

I can assure you the AI doesn't cheat in any way, at all, 100%!
The AI has an unfair advantage when you play the Unfair Tiers, that's it.

How do I delete my progress? I haven't played in a while and I'd like a fresh start.

TensionGames responds:

delete the browser cookie for tuggowar.io
contact us if you can't make it work.

Would be nice if the game wouldn't cheat. Block fighters. Doesn't use them for one turn. Then uses them and buys more for 2 turns while the cooldown waits.

TensionGames responds:

I can assure you the AI doesn't cheat in any way, 100% guarantee :)
Disrupt can be a bit tricky, I'll give you that.

If you want to discuss it, there's people on Discord who wouldn't mind checking out the replay!

Ok I tried it again and two things one1. Add new cards and make the packs cheaper and 2. Allow the feature to invite friends to battle with to work it's not working I wanna play with my friends but can't because it's not working

TensionGames responds:

If you join our Discord you can get access to over a 100 cards for free.

would be better if you made your own deck
edit - this was made before they added this, thanks

TensionGames responds:

check out the Shop Crafter :)