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Save Your Cogs

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This amazing puzzle game will give you the joy of solving logical problems on 20 levels. Malicious artificial intelligence sets up experiments on robots. He will try to scare you, confuse and even deceive you! Be firm on your way to freedom!

Overcome all levels, moving from simple to complex, learn new tricks and possibilities of robots. Use the environment level and interactive objects to collect at the level of all the gears and reach the exit. The physical interaction of objects is always fun, but physics is not the main thing, the main thing is to overcome logical obstacles. Each level is something new, an unusual approach to familiar actions.


A - move left

D - move right

W - jump

S - change robot

SPACE - action

R - restart level

Cursor keys also works!


- collect each gear on level

- reach the exit by each of the robots


- interactive objects

- robots with various capabilities

- physical interaction

- nice graphics

- "old school" music

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simple little platformer, nothin wrong with that

splashshadow responds:

Thx you!

This is decent, not amazing but good! I really like that you exploited the bad physics engine to make a clever puzzle out of it, and I like that there are different robots with different strengths and weaknesses. Try to fix the broken english in the game, and cursor keys is a strange way of saying arrow keys. I don't know if you made these art assets yourself, but if you did that's awesome!

splashshadow responds:

Hi! Yes all assets (excepts sound and music) created by me. Ah i am trying fix english text again and again :( for release i must found professional english translator ... Thx for you feedback!