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Ruffle:Another Mission

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The Legends
1. StickminFanboi 00:12:22.65

Author Comments

"Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die." - Babe Ruth

This is a game jam entry for Newgrounds's Flash Forward Jam 2021.

[ Update: Runner-up Game ]


#Game controller [ Although it is presented inside game ]::

  • W, A, S and D for movement.
  • Use 'J' for for activating/ deactivating snipe mode.
  • And during snipe mode, use W, A, S, D for expanding the vision range. When you are ready press 'H' to shoot.

#Point to note:

  • Ruffle player might take a while to load ( i.e may show white/black screen during initial loading of a game ) - so please be patience or refresh the page. (^__^)

... Enjoy and feedbacks are always welcome !

# Check here: game-play video link

***[From Feedbacks] Big update - game-version 0.2***

  • Balanced difficulty level of the game.
  • Added Multiple checkpoints.
  • Trainee medal bug fixed.
  • Added smooth camera control.

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Cool game, nice plot. I mostly like the mechanics and how it helps the game controls move smoothly.

Ruffle: Another Mission is the game that really talks about preserving flash games and movies. As much as this game really helps to preserve flash content the characters in the game and including the enemies looked like it's from Nekki's Vector or Shadow Fight feels a little unoriginal and so is the short story of the first chapter because the protagonist of the game is called "Ruffle" and so is the part of the code name "Flash". Unless if this was a fan game that takes place in Vector. But since this is obviously called "Ruffle Another Mission" I can let that slide

This short game really is more like a sniper game. The controls of using movement are ok but the sniper rifle is pretty odd and weird to handle because I have to use both H and J to shoot than the mouse button. The game really strategic and a little wonky, glitchy, or something because every time I try to dodge a bullet by leaping or climbing down was very inaccurate though. But it did manage to give us respawn points to think before act.

The game is not very perfect. But still pretty good to play including getting the achievements

rip flash 1994 - 2020

nice and somehow i got an instinct there was an enemy near the pole and i snipe
and boom got him i almost got trap but in the end of that i got trap
and ya its a good game for people who want a 10 minute to 15 minute game

It's a little bit clunky in some respects, but I gotta admit, I actually had a lot of fun with this! I liked the animation of the character and general movement mechanics: gave me some Prince of Persia vibes with how he traverses jumps and such. While it was a bit awkward to only be able to see lasers through the snipe scope, I felt it did lead to some cool gameplay where you have to be cautious and scout ahead, memorizing patterns, and then execute your plan quickly in between patrol gaps.

My only real frustrations with the game was that there were some stupid death traps and unfair enemy placement in a few locations. Also, the animations for some of the ways the enemy lasers travelled the level were really awkward: most of them did a smooth trail you could memorize, but some of them would just suddenly appear and disappear as they move up and down for no reason. Created some annoying trial and error situations.

In the end, despite the little frustrations here and there, it hooked me and I made it all the way through. To me, this was like a cool fusion of Silent Scope and Mark of the Ninja: well done! I hope we do see another chapter of this with some further improvements and features!

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2021
7:48 AM EST
  • Flash
  • Gimp