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The story of Frank S

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this was made for the dani's basement jam

also I rushed this game so do not expect anything good

CONRTOLS: Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot

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Interesting little game, the more I play, the more it's growing on me. BUT, it breaks around level 5 where it's stuck in a loop between levels 4 and 5, or I'm just not smart enough to figure out how to break the cycle and you're actually really clever. I played it through 5 times to check, and didn't see alternate doors or way out. Hell feels like an endless loop indeed.

Level 1 is text heavy, but subsequent levels are not, maybe give us more story while we're moving around the levels. I sort of like the text as we move around, it adds to the charm of the game.

Fixing the hitboxes and door on level 5 will make this game so much more playable. Please fix, ASAP.

noodlstudios responds:

I actually saw that bug during testing and I'm still working on a patch.

Funny plot lol.
This is a good start for a platformer, but there's quite a bit to work on. The player character has a bit of a large collider and it's a bit difficult to move between platforms. The player sprite also should probably flip when changing directions. I also feel like controls should be tighter as well, shorter and quicker jumps and less acceleration+decceleration.
Finally some polishing could include adding music, sound effects, particles, etc. Instead of restarting the game completely maybe have a death animation or game over screen.
Still, good start!

noodlstudios responds:

Thanks. It's a finished product though and I have no plan on updating it, but I'm glad you still enjoyed it!