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pico kennedy dance (rough)

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probably the worst thing i've ever made lol.

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Pico's school 2: electric boogaloo

epic pico mommento

Was mp4/mov/wmv the only format you could use to export this? Short and silent test loops like this tend to fair better in the Art Portal as gifs!

Besides that, I really dig the style you're animating Pico in. It's like you took the iteration by Mindchamber from 2005-2010 and mixed it with looney tunes. I think that helps it stand out amongst the recent influx of art depicting PhantomArcade's version.

cmy2k responds:

thanks, mindchamers rendition is my favorite so yeah i chose his render to base mine on while mixing the cursed kennedy art style which i unironically like (its a notoriously hated tiny toons outsourcing studio)
im new to actually using newgrounds as a site or at least for like a few years and i didnt know only short animations can't be in the movie portal, seems like ive been getting that as a response a lot, oops
i could have uploaded this one in particular as a gif but for my other movies i put on here i don't actually know how to turn an mp4/wmv into a gif, i guess i'll figure it out eventually tho lol