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I am not a robot

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All you want to do is watch your favorite streamer, but the website has other ideas.

Click the box to start. 

Hold down the mouse button to speed up text.

Have Fun! and give Dialogue Box a try!


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Can you get some voice actors or more music? I could also do some art.

The pacing needs a lot of work, quicker and snappier responses would add to the humor, and making the dialogue less drawn out. The frustration (and therefore the humor) should come from the things the AI has you doing, not how long it's taking to tell you what to do in a very much non-intended way.

Also I got soft locked somehow at the point where it unveils the very long captcha code (which was a good gag, it just kinda broke the game for me somehow)

tomerssh responds:

Thank you for playing! You can speed up the dialog by holding the mouse button. I thought I added that in the description. Sorry.

As for the very long code, there is a trick to passing it without writing the whole thing but I guess I hid it too well, sorry about that as well (unless you mean you encountered a bug there)

And again, thanks for playing!