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Nuclear Warfare N. Korea

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This is a movie about the horrors of Nuclear weapons and since korea got them we must show how fair these things can go if one man orders it

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Haha who made this

Hahaha this makes me laugh I almost choked. Whoever made this... how old are you man you must be like 7?8? how old are you man thi was funny. Hahaha when saw the title of this movie i was gonna swwear but when i saw the movie man. Hahaha try researching before you make stuff. Kid and the only reason why N.KOrea has the nuke is becuz they r weak and they need to prtect themselves hahaha. This made me laugh...and tokyo deserves to get hit by the nuke and if you researched you would know that tokyo were the evil ones and do you even know why Korea got split up in 2 piece of shit. WHen tokyo attacked Korea to get more land and when they did take over Korea USA and i think Russia helped Korea by attacking Japan and Japan did not surrender so USA used the atomc bomb and when Japan did surrender USA and Russia looked after Korea... Russia=North...USA=South... ok u piece of crap what do you say now

This is not that good, but!

Yeah, why go agains Iraq and all that shit?

Sorry dude...

ive always been a fan of anything nuclear/post-apocalyptic, but this...well....sucked...

i like to keep an open mind, but this was horrible...
reasons why:

1. Kung Wong Jim or whatever his name is, IS NOT A RETARD, just an oppressive dictator. blowing up his most powerful ally would just be stupid. although N.korea nuking Japan is a fair estimate of their first target...i think...

2. your nuclear missile looks like three soup cans stacked on top of each other

3. i didnt have a problem with your cityscapes or other artwork really, and your music and screen play rocked, but the overall quality of this was .........well, crap.... sorry, but this gets a 0


So inaccurate, first of all, north koreans aren't that stupid and probably won't launch nukes at everyone, and why launch nukes at china? WTF? SERIOUSLY, China is the only reason why Bush is not going to war with N korea yet, China is N koreans best and ONLY ally, do some research first

Nice concept...

However, you might want to switch the roles of the attacker. The only country to ever use WMDs was....the U.S. (remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki) so the chances of us using them again are higher...especially since we're so adamant about getting rid of everyone else's while continuing to to develop our own...pretty ironic. But good affect nonetheless. War is hell.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2003
8:51 PM EST