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SAINTHOOD is a game about nurturing your community and building your faith. You play as a novice, and your goal is to balance your time between helping the towns folk on their day to day needs, while also keeping up with spiritual activities.

Sainthood is a strategy game that inspires positivity and hope in players to live in the tradition of real Saints all over the world who, during their lifetimes, did incredible work in nurturing their communities as well as their spiritual lives. Players will unlock Cards of these Saints with beautiful artwork and short Bios of their lives. 

Each in-game week, players will meet their Charitable goals (Item Delivery, Volunteering, Cooking, Teaching...), as well as their Spiritual goals (Praying the Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, Confession/Mass...).

When these goals are met, a card is unlocked featuring a real-life canonized Saint from the Church, including beautiful artwork and a bio of their lives.

Please enjoy this demo of the vision, and let me know what you think!

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Cool game. It doesn't seem educational to me, more like an "rated e for everyone" RPG. It'd be more interesting if you could customize your character or choose one with certain personality type/traits/characteristics that affect the actions you take and your goal for the week. Would be nice if there was some sort of conflict. Lol I decided to quit as soon as I ran out of energy, although it is midnight here and I'm tired.

Laoye responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I tried to shy away from straight "education" and instead tried to blend teaching moments within the story. It's definitely a work in progress, and I'm open to making it a more educational game if I end up targeting a younger audience. Regardless, I'm building a codex that has lots of information on Saints, and other terminology within the game.

Also, yes I'm working on customizable characters (cosmetic) for the full game.

The graphics are really appealing and the gameplay is quite fun, just not quite my cup of tea. One thing you should do, is add is a leave button to every place that doesn't have one. Clicking an empty tile might not be so obvious due to the blur.

Laoye responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I recognize there are LOTS of quality of life features still pending. Working on it!