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So, I have been working on this cartoon for about 7 years. I never put it out because simply i wasn't ready. I wanted to put 7 years of different situations that I have experienced into the cartoon. I looking for some people who are interested in helping me help do some voice overs. That would be awsomeness!!!

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Why did he lie bros

fix yout flash, need do fix your portal.

dam taht waz crazy

ive marked auguzt 7th 2021 on ma calandar it will be the biggest day of tha year

atx702 responds:

If you want to do one of the voice overs for a character... let me know!!

I can't wait for you guys to see everything!!

good luck! hope you're able to finally finish your cartoon!

i don't think you needed the Mature rating, that might make it harder for people to see your teaser. though if you need voices to work on a more mature script that makes sense.

atx702 responds:

Thank you for that feedback.

You're totally right about rating this mature. I've just made some changes on that. The cartoon has minimal cursinbadg. Not too tooooooo bad.