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Pod's New Program 0.9.0 (WIP)

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If it wasn't already obvious, this game is a parody of Nier: Automata, which will combine some animated sex scenes with Nier's hacking minigame.

At this stage the core systems are mostly finished (dialog, sound, hacking, scene progression, etc) and I'll be able to start adding actual content soon. Lots of placeholder stuff for now!

Future content includes:

-More enemy types

-More levels

-More art and *animation*

-Illustrated game over scenes

-Fully voiced dialogue

-Slightly branching "story" and different/hidden scenes

If you'd like to support the development of this work, take a look down here!

>>>Subscribers/Patrons get early access to the offline version!



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Kakyoin Noriyaki approves.

It has a lot of promise, the art and story is a bit rough, but has more interactivity than like dating sims and already a better plot than some/most porn, good luck on getting this done :3

Give me flashbacks

Is this even okay to steal an actual part of gameplay from Nier Automata and call it your own game?

Flannagan-the-Red responds:

How is it any different from all the other fanart on this site?

i love the concept, and being able to use a controller is pretty cool. i assume the final project will have audio though, right?