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Reduce 2 - Part I (.mp4 version)

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Welcome everyone!

As the title of this movie indicates, this version of 'Reduce 2 - Part I' is running in .mp4 rather than the previous .swf format of the previous projects! The change stems from how it has become frustratingly difficult to continue watching in the latter type, and we would like to ensure a comfortable viewing experience for all on this series.

The project is converted for three different qualities, just like how it was in .swf: 360p, 720p, and 1080p. We recommend 720p for all viewers in order to maintain a proper animation speed coupled with satisfying visual fidelity.

When we last left off, our heroes were forcibly thrown into their quest for survival - awakening in a land where grass made forests and garden insects appeared as fearsome beasts. Regathering their bearings, Mejson and his company trek the biome in order to understand their new surroundings better, in search of an escape. But things will not be easy as every inch of this place harbors untold dangers. And while it is frightful to accept, not everyone is going to make it.

On 'Reduce 2 Part I', our Heroes have reunited with other known survivors. Bolstering their numbers, Mejson hopes to continue exploring the land and keep living in his late friends' names. However, they are not the only ones growing in strength in this unknown area... How much tragedy can befall a person before they just up and snap?

We are very grateful for your viewership. We hope you will stick around for the ride as we continue through these tumultuous worlds - the one these characters live in, and our own.

If you want to watch Reduce (first episode) just:

and Reduce - Summary (to first episode) just:

or if you want to get to know about the creatures (insects) just:

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MariogD responds:

What a spirit! Stay focused because in few days will be released remastered version of our first Counter-Strike movie by Matrvg. Also you can check Mejson’s profile to be up to date with Reduce status.

I really enjoyed this!

The story kept me engaged (which is unusual for a 13-minute submission.)

I love the design of the backgrounds (and the ants!!) and the color choices worked very well. I like how the scenery uses undersaturated colors, bringing more focus to the more vivid main characters.

Music selections were top-notch as well. Great job to the voice-acting team, too!

ChordC responds:

My only contribution on this project was making the play button sound XD, I could’ve improved the sounds and music but @Mejson preferred to keep it as it is, which is fine.

Mejson responds:

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

Yes, because there is always something going on :P

We are doing the best we can :)

@ChordC probably wouldn't agree XD Sounds and music could be better :)

Voice-acting team is constantly evolving!

Thank you for releasing on mp4 format, I can finally watch this on my phone :D. Though I sure miss the extra content that comes with the SWF format, it’s a shame that it becomes harder to run SWFs. But hey, at least the main movie is still here ;).

My favorite parts of the movie:
- How Keni said, “WELCOME!! my bitches UwU”

- How Mejson said, “sTEeVe”

- Candy’s scream XD

Mejson responds:

Thanks! We're still here and they'll never silence us! :)

- Hehehe, yeah, Keni is a nice asshole :P
- Ohh that's :D
- this scream is very specific :)

MariogD responds:

Candy's scream is awesome xD

Hope I don't become one of those who actually prefer .mp4 over .swf, it really was refreshingly simple to watch this like this for a change though. :) Nice for reliving the story without going through everything, though good thing there's still the alternative version for that! The 'FLASH WILL NEVER DIE' logo maybe feels all the more at home with that one. XD

Nice work on this! The story still holds up nicely; looking forward to the next bit!


Mejson responds:

Thanks, mate! Our wonderful editor :) Wise words, wise ones are always nice to hear :P


Thanks! Another part (.mp4 version) can be expected in the not far future.

MariogD responds:

The same as we talked in the poster, simplicity of mp4 version rules. Although I still miss all flash add-ons

i like it

ChordC responds:

We're glad you liked it, greetings from the team.

MariogD responds:

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate it!

Mejson responds:

McDonald's, pa ra pa ra paaa paaa 😛

Thank you for your comment!

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2021
11:00 AM EST
  • Audacity
  • Animate
  • Paint
  • Photoshop CS6