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Wet Woofs (WIP 2, Dood)

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Putting the Woofs In Wolves, Dood!

Artist Notes:

Gonna take another hot sec before Wet Wolfs

is done with other projects on the table but,

as long as I take my time with this It'll shape

up to be my best SFM vid yet, Dood!


Animation Notes:

Fixed Camera!

The camera makes the animation! With clever

use, you don't have to animate and tweak everything,

just the things in view! Allowing not only for speedy

work but more complex poses that normally wouldn't

work 360 but definitely in 90, Dood! ╹‿╹)

Assets Dood!:

Worgen Peep:


The Bad Dragon Dil:


Za Roman Bath:


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Feels a bit off in terms of texturing/models but not bad.

Notkastar responds:

Thanks for the feedback and Mind going into this a bit, Would love for the heads up during the touch-ups ╹‿╹)