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Foxtails Business (Campaign Alpha!)

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Dang it. I thought we had a lot of these bugs fixed, but it looks like bugs galore have slipped on in! Fixes coming ASAP!!! (at least as many as possible ;_;)

Okay, so there have been some real wacky bugs with the animations. Probably some issues DEEP within the ancient archives of my sloppy-as-butts code. The quick fix for now is to remove the animations, so that'll fix the worst bugs ^_^ Still, what a bummer, huh?

Plz enjoy the latest version of Foxtail's Business. This is mostly bug fixes for the patron version, but I figured what the heck! Let's let the public play!

There's still a known bug where only in web versions, the character bio's get cut off. Some weird resolution trickery we could never figure out a way around ;_;

Anyhoots! If you want more fun content, check out the patreon


If you wanna post a high score, give some feedback, or just chat with a pretty cool crowd, check out the discord!


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It's a good game, but the bug which causes the cards to disappear without an effect is rather game breaking. If that's fixed, then the game improves by a great deal.

The Games still super fun to play in this version!~
Although i feel like Customer types could be flushed out a little more
(Such as say customers who might have too much skill and leave us forgetting to grab our pay at all if our skills are too low, Or Customers who straight up get our little fox addicted forcing us to do their activity each day in a semi brainwashed state)

First bug I found is that in the menu, clicking the help button, the instructions are covered by Foxtail. Other layering issues happen during the entire game, like the settings button not covering stuff in the spending starting money screen. In the spending starting money screen (campaign button), every text box says the same thing too. Holding down on a card makes it disappear without you using it. On Firefox, latest version, windows 10.

It's fun, but buggy. Not that it impedes gameplay but rather that it makes the game easier. Cards sometimes don't disappear or don't use up energy, beds break the energy system and sometimes you just make ludicrous amounts of money for no real reason.