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💘Cupid Simulator: Humans Story (spin-off)

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The cupid Aelia has a mission: get the human Daniel a girlfriend in 14 days. Too bad he's got no talent at all to make her job easier.

Cupid Simulator: Humans Story is a small visual novel / RPG game spin-off on the Cupid Simulator game, currently under development.

Please join our community to get the latest news on the Cupid Simulator universe:


Or you can follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/CupidSimulator


Note: if this web version is unstable due to it's big size, please download the Windows or Mac version on itch.io:


Note2: Please make sure to save every now and then. The game also has auto-save, so if it crashes or freezes, please try reloading it and check the save slot 0 (auto-save).

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Alright, that was a LOT better than I anticipated! Great Game!!

supernovaig responds:

Thanks a lot! Hope you like our future games as well, specially our upcoming Cupid game! :D

This feels like a webtoon that turned into a game

supernovaig responds:

I... hope you like webtoons?

I enjoyed this game quite a bit, but the translation for the item description and stats on the effects (turns) is still in another language (assuming Portuguese). I believe that doing beatrice's route last is the best option as you have experience from the other 2 routes that you can then put into her route. I personally didn't think Beatrice's shadow was that hard due to the experience from the other 2 shadows. I thought Claire's shadow was hardest, but that was probably because she was my first shadow and the dirty effect sucked pretty badly since I didn't actually use Aeila a lot during the fight and I didn't prepare that many items for the fight

supernovaig responds:

thanks for the deas up on the translation of these elements, I'll look into it and fix it asap.
I'm really glad you liked the game! ❤️❤️❤️

When Anna is getting Handsy with the guy, reverse the genders. Now it only seems reasonable for the guy to push her off of him. He handled the situation as best as possible and tried to reason with her first

supernovaig responds:

Possibly, he couldn't find a better option. However, it wouldn't change how it made Anna feel in that moment, specially with her inner frustration and repressed feelings

So far looks good. I will note that clicking log crashes the game because an out of memory exception. Other than that though the game was cute and fun. I will note that it seemed like some routes were much harder than others, with beatrice's being the hardest, claire's being still tough but not as difficult and anna's probably being the easiest of them. One thing that made beatrice and claire's difficult was the complete inability to counter the status used bar items which you only get so much of and in beatrice's the amount of times she could remove status combined with reflecting also bouncing status back even though it claimed it would only reflect damage. meanwhile you'd THINK for the girl who's often hungry that using the hungry status would be potent against claire but she gets to keep eating and doesn't even lose her turn when she does eat so I wasted my turn and SP making her hungry but she didn't burn hers to erase it instantly as well as the healing. I will note though that it wasn't unbeatable by any means, and the point is more that it seemed whether intentional or not some routes had higher difficulty than others. Claire's was very easy up to the boss fight, anna had the easiest final boss but also mid level regular battles, and beatrice always seemed to be the hardest route because analytic comes up so often and takes many turns which undermines the whole "high offense but crap defense" style this pair appears to be going for. That said however the story and characters were cute and endearing, and the game was fun to play. I didn't play the 3 routes because the game was disliked after all! For what it is as a spin off it was fun. Keep up the good work.

supernovaig responds:

Thanks a lot for playing the game and for the super complete analysis!

The log crash is difficult to fix in webgl version, maybe I'll remove it until i find a way to fix it.
The routes were designed to have different levels of difficulty, specially being Beatrice's the hardest. However, I fear that some of the Shadow battles mechanics were not so clearly communicated. The intention was to make the player figure out parts of them during the battle, but maybe I wasn't so clear on the mechanics. Could use some more work on a future version, possibly.

Very glad you liked the game for what it was though, and hope you look forward to the main game release!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2021
12:45 AM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • Reaper
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Review Crew Pick February 17, 2021