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Souls Rest

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Plot: A young man named Avi Otus is called to the old house by his Aunt. He looks to find her and figure out whats going on in this standalone first chapter of a Gameboy game. 


  1. Multiple random events.
  2.  Jump scares.
  3. A cat.
  4. Talk with death.
  5. A custom color pallet when playing online or on a gameboy color.
  6. Currently available for ROM download on my Itch.io page so you can play chapter 1 on the go.
  7. A chair that makes you invisible while you sit in it.

This is the first game I've made in GB Studio. I am now working on Chapter 2 and 3. I love feedback.

I'm still fixing a few bugs and glitches as well as issues with audio. if you spot one please feel free to let me know so I can fix it.

If you have trouble starting a new game press the A button and wait for the menu. if you give it a moment it should let you start it. 


  • WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • A: Alt, z, j
  • B: control, k, x
  • Start: Enter
  • Select: Shift

You can also check my itch.io page for information on the full version when it releases. I'm currently overhauling it and adding more chapters.

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I just love the ambiance, well done. Also the GB graphic style is awesome as the music. I just have nothing to say, well done.

~ Ahurac

The losses counter for playing chess with the reaper seem to be reversed, with the losses starting off as being maxed at 255, and decreasing each time you actually lose.

You can also get the gem an unlimited number of times.

i can not play it sais no save file found
plese help

it wont let me start and controls are confusing.

G0oD g4Me!!!11!!!1!