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Descent (2021)

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In this platformer you play as a boy on his journey to find long-time forgotten treasure. Visit many mysterious and wondrous places, face weird enemies and reach the bottom, but be careful, falls can be deadly and all you have is your glider.

Descent was made for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1. This version contains almost all originally designed and planned content that got cut due to the time limit of the jam, plus a lot of polish and many, many bug fixes. It's not an easy game, even though it starts that way. You will die a lot but we hope you'll have tons of fun at the same time.

At last, we would like to thanks our friends who tested the game for us, and special thanks to DDRKirby for letting us use their fantastic music. You should go and check them out.

Please, enjoy the game, we had a lot of fun making it and we hope you gonna like it.

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Nice game, I really like the level design, and it's funny how it can troll you sometimes. The final boss was pretty repetitive, but other than that it's a really good game. Now he's got the treasure but um... how is he going to get out?

ShogunPixelArt responds:

We have no clue :P I'm super happy you liked it and thank you for the follow. Our newest project should be released soon as well and we will publish it on Newgrounds as well ;) Thank you for playing o/

I hate that god damn graham cracker bird and it's sticky ceiling Legos so fucking much.

ShogunPixelArt responds:

Have you managed to beat them? Thank you so much for playing, very soon we will be releasing our second game ;)

The level with the green plant thingies is pretty hard. Maybe think about making it easier

I've beaten the game as of writing this.

It's very difficult as advertised, in a kind of frustrating way, but satisfying to conquer.

It looks and sounds quite nice, if a bit generic.

It controls well for the most part, but I wish that the jump physics were modified a bit so that I don't drop like a rock the second I let go of space, and instead have my jump smoothly arc downwards, so that I hang in the air a bit around the peak of my jump. This is because it can be rather irritating to make jumps with a roof over your head, especially when dealing with those snails who throw their shells at you. If you jump too high enough you'll just bonk your head on the ceiling, but if you let go too early you'll lose an extreme amount lot of airtime, making it annoyingly precise to find that sweet spot and jump over their shells.

A quick reset button would be nice, for when you take a hit too early and wanted to save that health for later.

Like the game and love the execution. Implement a restart button and on the 3rd level it's impossible to jump on some platforms but otherwise it is good.

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2021
2:55 PM EST
  • Unity
  • Aseprite