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Capuchin Centauri: Station Cohabitation

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Post Jam Version of our original #gm48 submission

Earth’s best scientists called you Capuchin 047... you can’t remember what your mother called you. Run and gun your way through a procedurally generated space station teeming with ravenous alien invertebrates. Repair and upgrade your fragile EVA suit with powerful and varied weapons systems. Light-years from home, things fall apart—if you want out, you’ll have to hold it together.


Find new weapons, fight a variety of enemies. 2 bosses! secret room(s)? Every time you play is different!


  • Move — WASD / Arrows
  • Aim — Mouse
  • Shoot — Left / Right Mouse Button
  • Exit / Enter Suit — Q/CTRL
  • Dodge (While Outside Suit) — Space + WASD
  • Pickup Upgrade or Weapon — Z / C 

A game by Bokonon, Yossarian, & turgidharrier

Made over the course of about 2 weeks for #gm48 and then #ffsjam.


BFXR for most sound effects

Inverse Kinematics Library by TonyStr 

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Wow, really cool game! I absolutely loved the whole concept of the upgradable suit parts, as well as the cool dynamic between the monkey and their suit as you get parts blown off and need to either try to deal with some parts missing as best you can or jump out to stitch them back on. The upgrades made for some really cool customization and feeling of progression, and the monkey/suit transitions to repair made for some really cool scrambles and thinking on the fly. Overall I thought it was great: only had a few minor complaints. I thought it was a bit annoying that if you pick up a new gun, for example, to test it out, your old gun doesn't fall to the floor so you can't go back if you don't like the new one. Bullets in general felt a bit slow and unsatisfying at times until you get some speed upgrades (which I didn't find many). Levels were a bit drab and repetitive and the map felt too big. Sounds were a bit wonky and too sharp at times as well. Still, really clever game that felt very well executed in general: would really love to see this idea fleshed out into a more polished and finalized version!

Love the death sound effects. Ham the Space Chimp is an American hero

i love monkey it make me go haha

Funny Monkey shoots a bunch of aliens!

This is really fun and I really like the way health is managed!

A little confused at first, but pretty good!