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Capuchin Centauri: Station Cohabitation

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Post Jam Version of our original #gm48 submission

Earth’s best scientists called you Capuchin 047... you can’t remember what your mother called you. Run and gun your way through a procedurally generated space station teeming with ravenous alien invertebrates. Repair and upgrade your fragile EVA suit with powerful and varied weapons systems. Light-years from home, things fall apart—if you want out, you’ll have to hold it together.


Find new weapons, fight a variety of enemies. 2 bosses! secret room(s)? Every time you play is different!


  • Move — WASD / Arrows
  • Aim — Mouse
  • Shoot — Left / Right Mouse Button
  • Exit / Enter Suit — Q/CTRL
  • Dodge (While Outside Suit) — Space + WASD
  • Pickup Upgrade or Weapon — Z / C 

A game by Bokonon, Yossarian, & turgidharrier

Made over the course of about 2 weeks for #gm48 and then #ffsjam.


BFXR for most sound effects

Inverse Kinematics Library by TonyStr 

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Pretty good, could be a lot longer

Realized I never scored this game despite having played it multiple times. I love this game. My only negative comment is having 2 different guns that rely on the same power up system. The first time I played this game I tried to spread the love with power ups, but then I figured out making one gun just absolutely bananas ;) was a much better strategy. I literally don't fire my junk gun once I have one super online. I think if gun A was all about offense and gun B was all about crowd control of some kind, it would have been a better experience, but all in all, still a great game. One of my most played newgrounds games in the last year.



it was fun and all but i couldnt hit the boss like my bullet kept going trough him as soon as he dropped his shell

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2021
3:41 PM EST