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Apple Kid Good Boi

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Wanted to do a fun, quick Earthbound thing... That

ended up taking me 2 weeks to do...

Thanks to DannyGoodShirt, RannitX, and Jyoeza

for doin the voices!

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classic mattyburrito goodness. fast-paced, chock full of easter-eggs and of course, with the obligatory nudity thrown in there for flavor. GOOD STUFF

Matty, I presume you could fart and make me laugh without fail.
Seriously, your jokes are always fast-flowing and clever, and it's always fun to see what little background jokes you throw in for good measure too.
I honestly wish I knew anything about the Earthbound/Mother games, because maybe it'd help, to appreciate this more. Either way, keep doing your badass parodies my dude :D
Nicely done on the voices too guys!

I hate orange kid

It's interesting and has good animation.
But I don't understand what's going on in the story.