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Down the Neko Hole

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NSFW 3D adventures! Nya!

Thank you for the many clicks, reviews and feedbacks!
On the contrary of what I've initially thought, I'll end up updating this build from time to time, mainly for optimizations and features such as a full gamepad support once it's ready!

02/09 : Updated the game with many bugfixes, lowered the default Render Distance to 25 and removed "Shutdown" from the Start menu.

If you like what you see in this demo, make sure to check our Patreon page for updated builds and a LOT of previews!


Down the Neko Hole / DTNH / NekoHole is a game about the (mis)adventures of a catgirl that, one night, finds out her little brother has disappeared.

Expect lewd Neko acts with wonderful artworks!




...Smug witches!




...and possibly bugs, as NekoHole is still being worked on daily!!


Default Controls (100% mappable)


Arrows / 2-4-6-8 : Movement

Enter / Z / Del : Confirm

X / 0 / End : Cancel

Q / E : Camera Rotation

PGup / PG down : Camera Pitch

Shift : Dash

Space : Dodge

A : Attack

S : Use item

D : Cycle usable items

I : Inventory

M: Map

1 : Toggle HP HUD

2 : Toggle Clock HUD

To increase performance (if needed)

  • Reduce Render Distance
  • Set Shadow Quality to "OFF"
  • Set Particles to "None" or "Low"

Known issues

  • Some 3D objects' textures not being rendered in the web build of NekoHole

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hearing so many phoenotopia sounds is weird, you must've used the same sound samples

Can't even get out of the house... Probably just stupid but I've been looking around for a while and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do.

controlls are verty annoying -_-"

When I left the cabin and got the rotate alert, the image for q didnt show up

Demo ? NFW , well killer bird [cuccu] was terminated , which opens a relic . just have alot of replenishment of life before you battle the bird . Warning ! all HP restore's that claim +5-+4- +3 hp restored don't trust it , check after using some of mine refilled 1 HP or Zero HP , ELIXER claims [5] HP COST 500G/ OR if uncovered , i tried 2 of 3 that i had stored total HP i received = (0) HP , farm veggies , hit & miss with hp restore . This is a good [time consuming] game , i think all the bugs the game has is challenging , just have to realize if it is a bug or just part of the game.playing this one online actually was better than download and i was surprised that my gameplay saved until next day.[Bird Battle[not mandatory] nite fight /fighttime(sundown/sunrise} mandatory pre-Battle inventory +6= strenght/toughness +3=
Agility & + 25 =HP restore [HP restore & save during battle =yes] stack strenght & toughness +3. just stick and move , BIRD speed before fight = Turtle fight= rabbit [very quick]