Punish Britney

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This is version 2.0, the last one was way too short, but now it has extra punishment and a funny (I hope) ending.
Hope you like it.
Many people ask why she gets punished even if you answer correctly the stupid questions, so... I tell you this:
Why letting her continue livin'? do you really want her to continue making those stupid songs forever?!!

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yay I killed her hell yeah

whats the point in playing this game?



It was okay... I didn't think it was that bad. The game could have been executed better, though. Even if you answer the question correctly, you STILL get hurt. So there's no point in taking the interactive quiz at all. The animation was alright, but the sound effects were stock. I've heard them many times before, so it felt tedious. Finally, the replay value was/is not that high (unless you continuously want to see Britney get the shit beat out of her). However, it is worth a look if you're curious. I give you a 5/10, since it was a nice try at poking fun at Britney.


Lol, jk.
But seriously, it's awful. The animation is poor, the story is poor, and if you get a correct answer, you still get hit.