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Yoko "Drill!" Voice version giveaway!

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This project has been updated with voice over!


I have come with a special gift today. It's the full version of the Yoko Littner timeskip project I am going to give out for free. This video is 1:32 mins long (pretty much about the same length as my other full projects.) And also all the resource files for this project too. Enjoy yourself!


This project has been voice-over by ZeroDiamonds

High-quality video file with voice-over.



High-quality video file (Obsoleted).



Resources files



Resource files are contained with :

*.psd files - working with most photo editing that supports photoshop files.

*.cmo3 / *.can3 - These are model and animation script files. They can be opened with Live2D Cubism editor https://www.live2d.com/en/download/cubism/ The free version still can open and view the files but editing will be limited.

Attention!!! These resource files are just meant to be the reference to how I work. They may not be a conventional way to do this kind of animation. I hope this will help those who may have interested in doing this kind of animation. And be warned, These files can take a huge hit on your system, use them with care. Otherwise, knock yourself out, lol.

Thank you, and see you!


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Good old jackhammer. A classic that's actually awkward and not very comfortable. But since it's Yoko, I'd definitely use my drill to pierce her heavens.

Nicely done!

what a bizarre position