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Super Mumtaz Bros.

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Controls: Standard Pico-8 controls: Arrow keys for movement, to use character ability, Z to swap characters, Enter for pause menu. Gamepads *should* work.

In Super Mumtaz Bros. you join the titular plumbing brothers on their mission to rescue Princess Sana from... chickens?

•Hunt down radioactive chickens by using the Geiger counter!

•Break pipes!

•Repair pipes!

•Run around!


•Platform action!

•Discover secrets!

•Collect trophies!

•No jumping!*

Super Mumtaz Bros. is a highly realistic plumbing simulator that was made in Pico-8 for Toy Box Jam 2020 from 18th December 2020 to 3rd January 2020.

ToyBoxJam is hosted by Tom Hall (of Id Software, Commander Keen, and Ion Storm fame) and gives everyone the same starting graphics and music as a Pico-8 cart. The gameplay and everything else is up to you, so I decided to have a go at making my first platformer. So of course, it had to be a platformer with no jumping*. For more info about the jam or to try out the other submissions and see how others used the assets, visit the ToyBoxJam page on Itch.

How to play

Super Mumtaz Bros. is not a complicated game, but this is what you need to do:


Ali can find chickens stuck in pipes using his Geiger counter. He can then stomp on pipes to get the chickens out.


Bilal can spend money to place new pipes. You'll need to find money to pay for pipes.


The Geiger counter clicks more the closer you are to a chicken. The rings turn orange when you're really close.  Stomp the pipe when you're in the right spot!


You can't jump*. So use the terrain to your advantage!


1.04 Fixed character swap bug, slight alterations to the tutorial

1.03 Fixed a wall collision bug

1.02 Initial version

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Wow nice game i usually play it and i love it it reminds me playing super mario bros but plumbers lol great game

Extar responds:

Glad you're getting some enjoyment out of it! Yeah I thought it's funny how Mario and Luigi never seem to do any plumbing.

This reminds me a lot about something...

Extar responds:

Can't imagine what it reminds you of... ;)

Cute little game! I like the way it introduced mechanics subtly, like teaching you jumps and movements on the title screen and introducing the story along with the mechanics in one. While the movement was a little weird to get used to due to the fact that you can't jump, it was fun in a puzzle-like way to figure out how best to traverse the levels considering this limitation, so it's like two puzzles in one, what value! I enjoyed my time, but there was definitely some little confusions here and there but nothing major. For example, I thought the geiger counter circle pulse was actually the game just trying to let me know where my character was all the time: I was getting so annoyed until I realized it was trying to let me know a chicken was near, haha! Also, I was expecting that I'd need to pick up the chickens and deposit them at home as well: a bit strange to just have them continue to run around: makes it feel like I'm not done. Furthermore, I was so confused when, after collecting all of the chickens, which was given so much importance that I thought it was the only goal, to suddenly realize that I needed to fix the leaks as well (and the leaks weren't the places where water is leaking like I thought, but rather the missing patches in pipes). All in all, though, I figured it all out and I had a great time!

Extar responds:

Thanks! I didn't want to just make another platformer that wouldn't stand out so I went with the idea of a platformer with no jumping*. Pico-8 only has limited map space so it encourages you to make the levels more dense and puzzle-like. Again, to try and make the game stand out, I thought adding a little story would give it a bit more personality.
I started with the idea of having the player also collect the chickens in too, but I thought it would be more keeping in with the 'but they're actually plumbers' gimmick and say no, they're plumbers, not pest control. Maybe that can be a sequel XD

Great game! I love the retro graphics and controls are spot on. Very fun to play when im bored.

Extar responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It's great to know people are enjoying your game after all the work it takes :D

The controls took a lot of adjustment and testing to get the right 'feel'. :)

All the graphics were provided by Tom Hall & co. for everyone in the jam to use. They were really easy to work with, and look great. :)

Graphics are very retro inspired, but can be confusing. Some of the background colors are the same as the front ground ones. Controls take time to master since you can not exactly jump. This game is a great tribute to old school Mario Bros.

Extar responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! The graphics were all the work of Tom Hall & co. who put the start cart together for the jam, it was great working with them. There is indeed *no jumping* ;)