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Batty Cave

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Bats have it pretty rough. When they're not starting global pandemics, they're flapping their way down dark caves with near total blindness trying to not smash their little bat faces into cave walls.

And now you can too!

Flap your way down this procedurally generated cave and try to best your score. A new cave is generated every day.

Batty Cave is also available on iOS and Android, which a custom leaderboard so you can compete every day against your friends and other players worldwide to be the best damn bat this world has ever seen.

You can find links to the mobile version here

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cute game, love it, needs to implement high scores tho with newground's api

Insane how you have to die and remember the entire map from the death screen and your death zones. (and theres a new one every day so...)
Thats pretty cool honestly but i dont want to play it much because of that.
unless im forgetting something

Miltage responds:

There should be a ring of dots that reveal the map. Are you not seeing that?

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3.13 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2021
3:07 AM EST