Roxie Rockets Twice (Teaser)

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A brand new adventure of Roxie's. This time with actual Rockets! as well as lots of baddies.

This demo might never become a full game but will allow me to move on.


  • Press Her then Drag / Arrow Keys / WASD to move Roxie
  • Press Anywhere else, then wait for the crosshair to lock on, and release to Shoot
  • The Tutorial shows up until you complete it 3 times


  • The demo level never ends, just like in the first game, until her Mood reaches one of the sides​
  • The Titfer holds secrets

Edit: Replaced the rockets with something more appropriate.

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I have no idea what the content is, the game itself isn't really fun imo. I will list the flaws with the game currently, which should be addressed before more features are added, as the game needs some tweaking.

- The obstacles are quite easy to avoid, and the fruit/candy is just as easy balance (maybe a more sensitive scale like 3 max to either side?)
- The sprites in general are too large, and the movement feels generally slow at the current scale
- Even given the above issues and claustrobic setting, the gameplay in general is currently too easy all around for both control schemes
- I somehow messed up the keyboard input and it wouldn't work, I assume that the input handling has a bug somewhere that allows a state to get toggled permanently (dying and going for a second run fixed this) (I recommend using a 2-element list for x and y movement, see footnote)
- The mouse option for movement is pointless, given that the mouse is the only control method for shooting
- The lock-on time makes shooting difficult, considering the short vertical space (maybe have cooldown instead of lock-on?)
- the obstacle generation occasionally creates overlapping sprites, which is especially noticeably with the spikes

I do like the basic idea, and it could be engaging with smaller

func _physics_process(delta):
__var input_vec = Vector2(0, 0)
__# all directional input is stored in a Vector2 to put all fancy calculation in one
__# instead of per-button
__if Input.is_action_pressed('move_right'):
____input_vec.x +=
__if Input.is_action_pressed('move_left'):
____input_vec.x -= 1
__if Input.is_action_pressed('move_up'):
____input_vec.y -= 1
__if Input.is_action_pressed('move_down'):
____input_vec.y += 1
__# adding inputs together like this prevents input from locking up when the player
__# is pressing both directions, as they will simply add up to zero
__linear_velocity += input_vec * 10
__# for a Node2D, linear_velocity is a Vector2 so input_vec can simply be added
__# I use a dampening value of 9 to prevent it from feeling slidy

Titilonic responds:

Thanks for playing and the detailed review!

Ever play Roxie Rockets? It's like that but she fires things instead of eating them [horrible idea, good practice with Godot], also it had small sprites and was too fast so I slowed it down to a crawl and made everything plump so you could see her facial expressions.

As for her movement, the ROXIE NODE has:

func _physics_process(delta: float) -> void: # Must be done here to properly collide with other Rigid Bodies
if self.target != null:
self.position = self.position.move_toward(self.target, delta * self.speed)

Input itself is more complicated since you can drag her or shoot with the Mouse and move with the Arrow Keys/WASD:

if move_here != null:
if not follow_press:
if keys['ui_up']:
if move_here.y > ROXIE.position.y - DRAG:
move_here.y -= SPEED

if keys['ui_down']:
if move_here.y < ROXIE.position.y + DRAG:
move_here.y += SPEED

if keys['ui_left']:
if move_here.x > ROXIE.position.x - DRAG:
move_here.x -= SPEED

if keys['ui_right']:
if move_here.x < ROXIE.position.x + DRAG:
move_here.x += SPEED

if shoot_here != null:
elif move_here != null:

Excuse Newgrounds for eating Spaces/Tabs.

PS: The game needs a LOT of tweaking, like full-on rethinking its goals in life. But you can play Easy, SFW RR1 (decline disclaimer) so I guess that's a plus.

I like when the bit in the song where he says le me show how scratch it

Titilonic responds:

*gasp* What?! I never noticed that.


Titilonic responds:

Why what?

It was funny being adult game because of the secret.

Titilonic responds:

Thanks for playing!
Both games have that rating over that... no wait they also have flying d's.

5 stars. Goddamn this slapped my dick off.

Titilonic responds:

Thanks for playing!

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2021
5:18 PM EST
  • Audacity
  • Godot Engine
  • Inkscape