Mystery Gift

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My goal from the beginning was to create an adventure that would intrigue viewers, be a puzzle, and built to an enduring story. With that said, the mysterious "Kubluka" key from the Marcus Peblo series is back in his own mystical adventure. This is one of my biggest movies ever. I put alot of work into this short. Please be patient and wait for the movie to load. Also, this animated short is very graphics intensive. On slower computers you might want to turn the quality of the movie to a lower setting for optimum performance.


This was one of my illest cartoons ever made, relive the adventure and watch it again!


A Wonderful Sci-Fi Epic

For those of you who need a little interpretation help, the key is a metaphor for whatever it was that stopped humanity from getting it's ass kicked.

1- Little ape-thing. Running from T-Rex. Key saves it from getting eaten.

2- Ice Age. Stops humanity from freezing to death.

3- Industrial Revolution/New York. People make copies of the key and stop the world from getting taken over by an alien force.

After what looks/feels like the end of the Earth, the key transfers itself into another dimension, or space (which could be the space of another dimension) where an Angelical being (cherubim? seraphin?) gains ownership of it. The key is extremely ancient by now.

This movie reminds me a lot of A Wrinkle In Time. Especially the one-eyed key relating to that cherubim in one of the books. One of the best parts of your movies is definetly the sound. You deserve more!




How did I miss this? Ok I think I have the plot down. These demons have locked these angels away. This angel overlord guy hears their cries and vows to free them. He orders a sacred key to be made to unlock the prison. A lone wizard writes about this artifact (he appears in later episodes). The key is stolen by a t-rex(how'd he get there?) before they can use it. The key lands on earth and god rains icy death on the earth.
Throughout the earth ages (although there was a big gap between 9300 b.c and 1844, the caveman throws it and it lands on the bussinuisman's head) the key passes it's various owners and eventually launches itself into space where an angel finds it. The story goes on in other movies. It seems like somebodys dream or something.
I like the music and I noted some 3D artwork. Good Job!

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Absolutely marvelous. beautiful artwork, good music, just wonderful. you get a 5 from me!

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I liked it

I thought it was pretty good. I liked the graphics, but the sound, that music was just plain strange. I thought it was good non the less.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2003
5:49 PM EST
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