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OTB - The Spill

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Something I made to act as a sort of lead in for the Flash Flood. A big thanks to Cyberdevil and Billiardball for the voice acting!

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Love it and love the captain's response! Didn't his voice change at "what"?

What a wonderful way to start this month now. :)

Not only is there a potentially fantastic Flash Flood now rising, but it's also so perfectly in line with the Flash February and Forward thing this year you'd think it was timed for ditto! For the resurrection of that momentarily slightly-less-popular file format that has yet to truly stand the test of time, and is really the impeccable choice to hold detail-rich showcases such as this. Though that bulk carrier may be sinking and its hold is smote it's a noble goal to keep that other metaphorical boat afloat! And who doesn't enjoy some spam with the jam now mmm...

This turned out just as grand as I hoped it would, with always incredibly elaborate dashboard (do ships have dashboards? Instruments maybe) design and all, great script too, you gotta love that ending. Even if the ending's just the beginning now. Or the start of the ending. A means to an end.

Twas an honor to play a part in this narration of commencing Clock-related greatness! And looking forward to what more this month may have in hold for us. That is a pretty big carrier now...


On The Bridge has always been a favourite of mine, I always look forward to any animation in this range to see what will happen next! I won't post spoilers in my review, because the story is intense, but what I will say is, damn! That spill is going to take atleast a month to clean up!

Great job on the artwork, smooth transitions between scenes, and the voice acting comes together quite tidy in this as well. It's another great peice of work!



It's nothing amazing, but it is always nostalgic to see a Clock Crew submission to this day. It always brings back memories, and it puts a smile on my face. Good job mate!