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itch.io Version -> https://jitsukoan.itch.io/nekogotchi


Change Life from 2->4

Adjust Sleep Timer from 3->2







Help the guards prepare Nekomata for her master. But pay attention to her needs, otherwise it will be too much for the little goddess.

Nekogotchi is a spin-off of my game Nekomata and connects chapters 1 & 2. 

Chapter 1 is currently being reworked,

Chapter 2 is planned.





Hilf den Wächtern dabei, Nekomata für ihren Meister vorzubereiten. Achte aber auf ihre Bedürfnisse, sonst wird es der kleinen Göttin Zuviel.

Nekogotchi ist ein Spin-off meines Spiels Nekomata und schlägt eine Verbindung zwischen Kapitel 1 & 2. 

Kapitel 1 wird derzeit überarbeitet,

Kapitel 2 ist geplant.



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The screen is small, I'm just guessing what to do, and the music is getting on my nerves. I am very bored.

Jitsukoan responds:

Screen to small? Get the
Browser Zoom or, Windows/Android Version.

Its a Tamagotchi like game. Buy your first activity in the Shop for 1 dice and earn more with it.

You can take the Music off.

I think 0 Stars are a little bit overkill. Okay you dont like or get it.. or has a bad day,
I dont know. I find this unfair. But its your choice to destroy other peoples ratings there give you games for free.

I really like this. Pretty cool and cute not much to really say but I like it.

Jitsukoan responds:

Thx for playing!

Great Game! My only problem is that the currency takes ages to get, I think this could be fixed if some of the actions gave you more dice like 6 or 7 or when you spent dice on one of the actions a 2nd or 3rd time it upgrades how many dices you get. Also I think it would benefit with having 3 stamina or that heart thing instead of 2 because it feels quite tedious to just do 2 actions then go to sleep and repeat. Or even better you could scrap everything I just said and add something where if you beat the game (getting 100 broken) it gives you a little cheat where you can just view everything with no repercussions. Anyways I had a fantastic 3 hours playing this game.

Jitsukoan responds:

Thank you for your detailed feedback! The development has already been completed. Your feedback flows directly into the next game. Your ideas and thoughts are all understandable and correct. I'm glad you had fun anyway! Thank you for playing! I hope my next game will be a little fairer and more balanced! Without feedback its not possible! Thx again!

... I kind of want this game on an actual Tamagotchi. As a community we should look around and see if we can make that happen! This is damn pretty perfect.

Jitsukoan responds:

Hehe, funny idea.

Is there any chance you could upload this game to any other server aside from Itchio so I can Download it? cuz I got an error again and again when almost ending at about 80 or 90%... don´t have any clue about what to do or if I´m the only one getting that error, wanna play this game as I was actually looking for some sexy tamagotchi-like game!! thanks beforehand ^_^ It looks cool indeed!