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Scarlet - Stress Relief

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Scarlet model by mavixtious Rigged by MustardSFM

Background props by Starbrain3D

Lewd SFX by DrDabblur

Voiced by Kitt Nevada

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i never played ff but this girl is so damn sexy, i love her

I made a newgrounds account just so I could follow you.

I don't know how many yeas it took to be able to have the characters bodies react almost exactly like actual flesh and blood bodies with weight, muscle, and elasticity. But i can say for sure this skill was not learnt form a Jedi. Also the glossy skin texture is the bomb It doesn't remind me of sweat though its like she doused her self in baby oil before coming to the basement.

I love the textures! Scarlet's glossy ass looks incredible!

meh. your other stuff is better.