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Big Gay Bubba

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This is a song that was done by a fellow member of craptoons.com, David. I put the song to an animation and it came out hilarious.
This is a song about the usual big black guy named bubba that everyone in jail is scared of.

Sorry for the File size, but I was aiming for sound quality, and that takes up a big portion. IT's WORTH THE WAIT THOUGH. even modem users will be happy.

Look for a cameo by someone special.

UPDATE: Wow, I've gotten a lot of reviews saying that this movie is disturbing. Am I actually hearing this?? Newgrounds users, think something is actually disturbing??? Wow this cartoon must be special to do that. Nothing phases you guys.

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i've been watching this since the early 00's, now its 2022 and suprise suprise, it's offended people lol

This has so much early 2000s Newgrounds energy!

The Smash community is shaking in their boots.

Big gay bubba song lyrics:
Yeah ... this is the ass kicking-est song you ever heard
Im gonna put it in your butt, I got all night and day
(im been dope on the sabbath??) , so I am gay
been here for 25 years, got 20 more, are you my hoe .. me?
(ive been that meets craig ham??)
my name is big bubba and I wish you were dead
make you suck my dick till my balls explode
(have your ass on my jack and bitch you my hoe??)
(three tears a mon??), fucked everyone i know
thats only because there aint no hoe
moving up the ass till you start to scream
im never gonna stop, not even if you bleed

what are you doing ... ahh bitch ... put your pants back on ... turn your pretty ass around
... oh no .... (im gonna fuck your littel braahh little poe wagging ??)

where the fuck do you think you are running to
I just got hard after seeing you
how hard - hard like a rock
and im gonna make your asshole pop

my name is bubba, you know i get in trubba
i dunno what the fuck, thinking about my momma
what the fuck youre doing, i dunno where i am going
im late for luuch ... ummmg
(being late my troll, then call me frank ??)
you are my dirty bitch ass skank
never seen a bitch in 50 years
thats why im so goddamn queer
turnaround between your mother ....yeah ... umm umm ... ahhh oh man ... help me ... somebody please help me ... have a hard time bitch you aint running away

-- Chorus X 2

im black bubba baby bitch
wheres my bitch at
i gotta sractch him every time he ever gets an itch
anboydy seen my bitch, wheres he at
is he coming, do you see him coming ... nope
(wasnt surround by faith?)
come here you little mother fucker
(plan mtich here goddamn bitch)
there you are
i dunno what to do anymore
come here bitch
right im his bitch ... your ass is mine
were all his bitches ... hes all my bitches

Chorus X 2

yeah ... gonna mke your asshole pop
yeah shake bleed ... make you bleed
ummg ... hoo hah
thats what im talking about
wheres my bitch at
ya going back home
got 20 more life ,,, oh my

holy animal have you ever heard of a joke?

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2003
1:35 PM EST
Music Video