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Mina Miner: Dig Deep!

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Drill: 10x Combo! 5 Points

Got a combo of at least 10!

Drill: 25x Combo! 10 Points

Got a combo of at least 25!

Level 01 10 Points

Beat level 1 of Adventure Mode!

Level 02 10 Points

Beat level 2 of Adventure Mode!

Level 03 10 Points

Beat level 3 of Adventure Mode!

Level 04 25 Points

Beat level 4 of Adventure Mode!

Level 05 25 Points

Beat level 5 of Adventure Mode!

Level 06 25 Points

Beat level 6 of Adventure Mode!

Versus Victory! 25 Points

Got a win in the multiplayer vs mode!

Drill: 50x Combo! 50 Points

Got a combo of at least 50!

Level 07 50 Points

Beat level 7 of Adventure Mode!

Level 08 50 Points

Beat level 8 of Adventure Mode!

Level 09 50 Points

Beat level 9 of Adventure Mode!

Level 10 50 Points

Completed Adventure Mode!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

1/30 - Wow! Thanks so much for the front page feature! Hope yall enjoy the game!

2/3 - Holy crap, 10k plays in under a week o.o I hope you had fun! Thanks so much to those that provided constructive feedback in their reviews, they've helped a great deal! Have fun!

Welcome to Mina Miner: Dig Deep! A breakout game with a twist!

Current Version: v1.06

After months of development, we're finally ready to show you what we've made! Mina Miner: Dig Deep follows a similar structure to breakout, but with unique blocks, powerups, hazards, and challenges! After you've beaten Adventure Mode, try the levels in Party Mode for a randomized version of the level! If that's not enough, you can create your own levels and share them! Or further quench your thirst for victory in the multiplayer VS arena! Oh, and did I mention this game works on mobile?

I hope you enjoy our game! We'll update the game with fixes and requested features for a while, but we're already planning a much different, way cooler sequel! Stay tuned :)


Mouse/Touch - control paddle

...oh, I think that's pretty much it. huh.


February 12 2020

  • Verified more custom levels! Please rename your files before uploading!

February 8 2020 v1.06

  • Reverted previous build
  • Restored bumpy walls
  • Restored drill base gravity
  • I'm in the process of vetting the newly submitted levels, a lot of people are reuploading, not properly titling the files, and uploading things like images and audio, so it'll take some time, sorry!

February 6 2020 v1.05 - Flat and boring mode

  • The walls are now completely FLAT.
  • Removed base gravity from drill.
  • Changed the drill collider from a triangle to an oval.

February 4 2020 v1.04

  • Fixed VS bug where host's "Aw..." dialogue wasn't working.
  • Shrunk the drill in adventure/level edit modes by 25%, just to be absolutely sure that it's not gonna get stuck anywhere. If this breaks the game or makes it too easy, please let me know!
  • Fiddled with drill and paddle colliders again, just trying to find the perfect ones! You can compare this version with 1.03 on itchio and let me know which one you prefer!
  • Adjusted the odds for the powerups/hazards.

February 1 2020 v1.03

  • Nerfed the lights out and erratic drill hazards
  • Padded the level walls to hopefully prevent rogue drills from escaping!
  • Verified 3 new community levels! Make sure you're renaming your files and filling out the form appropriately!
  • Trying out a new drill collider shape, let me know how it works out!

January 31 2020 v1.02 - Control?

  • Tweaked colliders for the paddle and cave walls. Now the drill's movement will be more... *sigh* predictable.
  • Lowered drill's gravity from 10 to 5 to combat the new cave wall collisions. If you find your drill is getting stuck between blocks, let me know which level you were on and which area you got stuck in!
  • Raised drill's minimum speed from 400px to 500px.
  • Fixed some z layer issues.
  • For now, I'm keeping the itchio version at 1.01 so people can compare the different cave wall/paddle colliders. Please let me know which version you prefer!

January 30 2020 v1.01 - Fixes and tweaks!

  • Removed the hide mouse event, no longer will you accidentally drift off screen!
  • Added a medal checker function when you enter the adventure level select screen
  • Adjusted the paddle's collider for better control over the drill!
  • The drill will now go full speed after every paddle hit, instead of reflecting the speed it came at.
  • Lucky/Unlucky events will now affect dirt, hard dirt, sand, and unbreakable blocks.

January 29 2020 v1.0 - Initial Release!

  • Lots of hard work, hope it pays off!
  • Any bugs, problems, or suggestions, please let us know!

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got softlocked on stage 5 bottom right

larrynachos responds:

Sorry about that, I'll look into it! Thanks for letting me know :)

i hate the game months of development this doesn't even look like you did the game for months i hate it. But here are some good things love the art style and the voices the levles.

i really emjoy this game is a shame that nowone was there for the vs

larrynachos responds:

I'm sorry to hear that! I pop in a vs lobby and wait sometimes, but tbh outside of testing I haven't found a game either.

Glad you enjoyed the game though!

I sadly cannot access the adventure mode but this game from what I'm hearing is pretty cool. If you were wondering I am trying this on microsoft edge. I tried refreshing the browser several times. I hope that helps but if not I am sorry.

larrynachos responds:

Hmm, I haven't done any testing on edge. Are you able to try it on chrome or Firefox? Give it a shot on mobile too if you can.

Seems like more and more people are having trouble accessing the main part of the game, but it works for others just fine. So far my guess is that there's an issue with the local storage/cookie settings that are preventing the game from writing the save file and ticking the loaded variable. Are there any notifications on the menu that say "save file created/loaded"?

Thanks for the review, sorry you're having problems :(

The game's fun and the animation, voice acting are absolutely adorable.

But it could've get better by adding a little more graphics details, like: when the lights go off in-game, the wall lights would be better if it was red instead of white, because it will make more sense because there's two red buttons at the edge of the wall. or maybe the orbs colors shine when It's dark mode.

By the way, Keep up the hard work, It's adorable!

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2021
5:08 PM EST