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Loose Ends: Eye on the Comet

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Sammy tries to spot a rare comet via telescope.

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Great animation and story, but I feel like the voices should be lowered. Some are quiet, and some is loud. I feel like they all should be the same. Minor detail, thats why Im giving it full stars. But still, if you wanna take my stupid suggestion you can :v


Glad to see your work really jump out there with some great popularity this was great with the voices and the characters Sometimes you see alot of movies and once in awhile you get someting differant and unique like the one you are presenting here, this one is pretty interesting and has some good visuals that really get you into it. Hmm ok well its time I try and end this review now but with all the above said I hope there is some helping ideas, I know I got a good experience from this, it has some entertaining value to it.

Dont have any suggestions as this was a solid film.


That Sonic Adventure pose in the beginning tho

Congrats for front page on Loose Ends!

it's good animations and I like the nighttime