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Animation of Echidna from Re:Zero! SFX by me and voice acting by ZeroDiamonds.

As always, you can check out HD versions of my animations and vote on future characters over at Patreon

You can also check out my animations on Twitter

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I can see that Echidna has a premium version for a contract with her. Now it makes even more sense that the Witch's tea party becomes more expensive to unlock each time.
Suddenly, the Greed IF route looks like a good option...Ok, that's a lie, that route is a "How to become a broken empty psycopath while palying a VN of your own life" guide.
Anyway, bad jokes and random comments apart, pretty cool animation dude.

Their position isn't really my cup of tea but I still found it arousing.

Reminder: Her tea is LITERALLY her ppee

The way she was pulling on the arm was kind of weird but otherwise pretty hot