Detective Frofrog

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NEW VERSION (19:th Oct 2003)
Check it out now!!!

Let's celibrate the release of the second episode by checking out the new UPDATED verion of THIS movie!


First off, I know the file size is a bit big - But THIS is WORTH it! And there's a really neat preloader in the meantime.

I have worked on this for more than half a year now. It has taken insane amounts of time and effort to get it done. I'm very happy with the result and hope that you like this cool alien cartoon!

This is the beginning of a series, but due to the work I put into the episodes, I don't think the next one will be out until the summer.

But I can't reply to all at once. I will do it when ever I find the time. I promise to have it done by the time the next episode is out :) I read them all at once though and I'm thrilled that so many people like the movie and I'll improve from the critisism.

Tell me if you collect all eggs!


Hey, remember me! Hehehe

I've got a really fast connection of my own and as Newgrounds is running a bit faster these days, I'm unsure of what exactly the pre-loader is... :(

I really liked the jazzy blues music - it's an excellent composition well performed. :) I also liked the black and white style (although I think it would have gotten boring had you kept it throughout the cartoon - I'm glad you didn't).

The animation in general was fantastic! Y-town already had top-notch animation, but this just takes your work to the level of top-level professional stuff. The scanned backgrounds and animated characters works really well and makes it look further like an old-style disney cartoon. Well, it's maybe not 'quite' as luscious but it's definitely up to that standard. And considering that you're doing this as one man on a single PC rather than hundreds of folk using the latest technology to be nearly up there but not quite is as good as you can expect I think.

I didn't like the idea of finding the eggs at first. I thought it may detract from the cartoon and be a cheap way of getting us to watch it multiple times, but I suppose I can't complain as it's just an option. I got 8 eggs but cheated and had a look at the secret ending anyway.

Quite funny - a shame for it to be hidden away like that. Did you do that music yourself as well? It's really excellent! What did you use?

I really liked the encyclopedia and thanks for telling us a wee bit about how you did the characters! I think I'll try my hand at the same technique, although it probably won't be a patch on your stuff. :) At least not for a while... ;)

Now the plot/humour - the part I thought maybe let the cartoon down slightly. (but only because everything else was so good)

As you may remember, I don't normally laugh that much (although I have been in an extremely giggly mood the past few months...) Still, I spotted far less jokes-per-minute than in either YTown Public 6 or the Rock Opera. Really, the humour isn't a patch on the Rock Opera (I just watched that again just before writing the review) which I think is the funniest thing of yours out of what I've seen.

I suppose though that this maybe isn't meant to be such a silly comedy, and on the level of building the basis for a story, it (just about) works. I am interested to know who the robots are and what they want to do with the girl and what their evil plans are... but I suppose I'll need to wait and see how interesting the rest of the story is.

Knowing you, I'm sure you'll be able to work some wacky storyline.

There's another niggle in the movie - I think that after clicking on the alarm clock you should be able to go back to the main menu. I wanted to look at what extras there were before starting the movie, but there was nothing to tell me that clicking on the alarm clock would force me to watch the movie first.

(side note - in the Rock Opera, if you click to watch the movie before it's loaded, so the loading message comes up then after the movie's loaded you need to right-click and press play yourself. I don't mean to sound condescending but if you wan't, I'll gladly fix it for you. You can just get some movie clip on screen and tell it to make the main timeline play when all the bytes are loaded.)

Overall, whilst the music is truly excellent and the graphics are by far the best I've seen from you, the story isn't. However, it's still an excellent piece overall and is a solid foundation on which you can build what I hope will become another truly great series.

(I also gave you extra credit when deciding the overall score for the encyclopedia and [to a slightly lesser extent] the easter eggs.)

McRhyme responds:

Hi Bezman, of course I remember you! And I want you to know that I really listen and care about your thoughts.

So I will try to reply as well as I possibly can.

The preloader is made for people with slow connections (such as myself). I will get a broadband in some weeks though and will celebrate the occation by releasing the TV version of 'Black Hole - Grog', the second episode 'Chief Leaf and the Chick' and my very own site!

Not bad, huh?

The music, animation and backgrounds in this episode are at a very high level. I'm not joking when I say it takes me 6 months to make an episode. Writing songs, making up characters and planning the plot.

'Detective Frofrog' wasn't meant to be a wacky crazy cartoon like 'Ytown Public'. I wanted the humour to lie in the dialoge. I have now extended that idea and decided to add more crazy cartoon-like stuff to the story. You will see much more things falling and breaking in the new version of this epidode and the next. I hope no one gets mad. I will keep the cool jazzy feel though! Don't you worry.

Yes, the eggs are a cheap way of making people watch it several times. But the most important aspect of the eggs is that they keep the viewers attention to a maximum. If you miss one line in this episode, you will not be able to understand the following jokes.

You compare this episode to the 2 final episodes I made of 'Ytown Public'. That isn't quite fair. You should compare it to 'Ytown Public Original', the first ever YP episode. I am confident that 'Detective Frofrog' #6 will be lightyears cooler that YP#6!

Oh well, I'm off to do some more finishing touches on DF#2!

Email me with the script for loading a movie and making a loading LINE, please. And you pop up in the credits!

Take care!

Not good...

It wasnt that fun after all...
but the graphics where great but the story sucked and the sound wasnt that good as i expected from you, however the Ytown public episodes where one my fav flash movies...
Im sorry i have to say this but id like to see Ytown back...

McRhyme responds:

You know, every now and then I think about bringing 'Ytown Public' back in a new fresh way. Something like 'Ytown Public X' or something. But I don't think I will do it... ever.

It really makes me sad that you thought the movie was bad, but I believe that it is the best one I've ever made. It has a tight script, a cool and gorgeous setting, awesome characters and frame to frame animation.

The 'jokes' may be abit too 'scientific' for some people, but hey - I'm a physics engineer, so what did you expect.

I have some good news, regarding the sound. I have now bought a real mic so all voices will be clear as a dream from now on!

Thank you for telling me what you think.

That was good

peachy piece of work there graphics are nice and the sound is good hope to see the rest :D still prefer ytown! btw marcus ... ar du akta blondin?

McRhyme responds:



Hrrm.. The new episode should be out in three weeks. It's practicly finsished. All I'm waiting for is my broadband to arrive at my door.

(yes dude, I am a real blone (HAHA!) )


Dude your movie is awesome, Specialy the collecting eggs idea. Your one of my fav animators now. I'm 16 and I've been fooling around with flash for about 3 months. Check out what I've done on me and my friends site, and let me know what you think clik.to/azainium I hope to get as good as you one day.

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McRhyme responds:

Thanks, just keep up your animating and you will get there. I've been using it for many, many years now.

that was happening

I don't know what's wrong with Castor the kill joy, but i throughly enjoyed it, beautifully animated, wonderful taste in music... great work man

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McRhyme responds:

Thank you very much.

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Jan 16, 2003
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  • Daily Feature January 16, 2003