Project X Episode 2

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Well i have finished the second episode...it's around 4:30 minutes long...i tried to make it better than the first one so i hope all of you who saw the first episode like it...i tried not to mess up with the text this time..so i dont think anyone would have a problem reading it...oh and i am really sorry about the file size...i hope you enjoy the second part..i dont know when the third one will be finished...second semester in college starts next week so i'll be very busy...thanx

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Just like an anime. Execpt the nose's are to big but its goodn gonna go watch the rest.

Still great!

Once again, I'm blown away! There's not much more to say, except you should've put the names with the text again, as in the end of the first one. I got a little confused the first time through this movie. Other than that, and still no voice acting, it's great. Keep 'em coming!

It was good to where i got to

I had to review this movie even know i didn't watch it all. it was cool u should do other video game movies like this. I can't watch it all because i have a headache and i'm getting off the comp now. Keep up the good work on ur movies

i would of given it a 10 but

needs more blood, sumtimes i cant gfigure out whos talking and whos who, and who the hell is marco?

CheveLoco responds:

Am i supposed to tell u in a review who marko is?..if u watch the third episode u'll see who he is..

Ha ha ha, it's so good, it hurts.

And the plot thickens. I love how you make some serious character development in this episode, very cool. The battle scenes were great, awesome shadowing and putting SFX in where they needed to be. The only thing I would have suggested would be the implimentation of a preloader, but oh well, I can live without one, the sheer goodness makes up for it. Keep up the fantastic work.

CheveLoco responds:

i'll try to make the last episode the best out of the 4...we'll see how long that one takes...

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3.73 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2003
7:23 AM EST