Drawing Faces for Dummies

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This was my firt tutorial! It might help some beginners.

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It's an alright tut. Not much to it since its so short, you didnt even mention how to shade or lighting. Just view (ie Perspective view, the view from which the subject or object is being seen).

Also, the eye placement is halfway down the skull. Basically dead middle. You placed em slightly above mid-line. I know this seems overly picky but its gotta be right to be a tutorial (At least we can hope so). You did place the eyes far enough apart because the eyes are suppose to be the eye-width apart from each other.

I'm a fair artist at faces but I'm not going to "show-off" those faces because their hand draws. Descent tut none the less just add more details! Keep up the work on the tutorials. Details!!

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Yes it was a little too simple....

But they are plenty of tutorials on drawing eyes, nose, etc. However, not much focus on WHERE to put them in relation to other things.


I can draw faces just fine, but I did need a few tips.


un-mediocre responds:

No prob, I'm making more tutorials. :)

I agree with lordsalem

It's a good quick tutorial for faces, but I don't think it's worthy of the title "for dummies" They really are supposed to be almost patronisingly clear on EVERYTHING. Faces for dummies should include facial features, HOW to do perspective, not just a mention that its there etc. All that said, it is a handy clip for novices.

looks easy enough...

People could learn from this, I guess... I'm looking forward to the "drawing hands" tutorial ;-) The tutorial is good, but the movie is not very exciting.

un-mediocre responds:

Good idea, might think of doing a hands tutorial :P

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