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Gamble Of Power Pt.2

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So this was gonna be 2.5 but look at that, I can still use it. So not all my work is gone. Yaaaay.

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I can tell you put quite a bit of work into this, but we got some problems here. First of all, I really don't recommend advertising your shirts at the start of the submission. It just feels kinda forced. Either put all the information in your video description, or put it at the end of the video. Speaking of information, all the commentary throughout this animation was really not needed. All of it could be put into the video description as well. Thirdly, the lack of music really hurts this animation big time. You can find royalty free music anywhere if you searched for it on google. Another thing is somewhere in the middle, you said you lost progress due to your animation program being updated. And yeah I can tell because half the time I didn't even know what was going on. If I was you, I would've just redo the scenes you lost instead of submitting this practically unfinished. And lastly, I recommend making better backgrounds than those weird patterns. It kinda looks like you ripped them from google images (maybe you did, but what do I know?). Don't think I'm hating on you, I'm just giving some constructive criticism here because you got some talent. You just need to improve on your skills, and I hope you do. Good luck!